Andy Cleff

Director Product Engineering and Agility
A pragmatic champion for the adoption, propagation and scaling of Agile principles and values within development, creative and technical teams, as well as across all enterprise levels up to and including the C-suite. From project initiation (chartering), requirements definition, story mapping, and sprint planning sessions through successful completion of MVP and beyond, I coach/mentor cross-functional teams to self-manage thru Agile practices and agile processes. I drive solutions that result in iterations that produce predictable and successful delivery of value. Through transparent status reporting, collaboration and communication with internal staff, project stakeholders, product owners and client decision makers I coach teams to optimize their continuous delivery of business value during the entire software development life cycle. To meet aggressive goals for software development projects impacting multi-millions of dollars on a global deployment scale, I consistently facilitate teams with Agile methodologies including Kanban and Scrum as they explore practices to remove impediments, complete user stories and celebrate progress thru ceremonies like the daily stand-ups, backlog grooming, release planning, sprint demos, and retrospectives. I am passionate and determined to help catalyze and nurture a culture of respect, acknowledgement, trust, ownership and continual improvement. I take teams beyond "getting agile" to “embracing agile” by applying experience, common sense, and situational flexibility as I guide them towards the deliberate and joyful pursuit of high performance.


RobustWealth is a digital wealth management platform built by and for investment advisors, and engineered to satisfy their unique needs. RW integrates previously modular features into one seamless suite. Advisors leverage the platform to optimize their practice on their clients’ behalf. The easy-to-use technology is delivered in a completely private labeled environment customized to the advisor’s brand. Portfolio solutions can easily be made bespoke for the client. RobustWealth only charges its low fees when automated rebalancing services are turned on. Otherwise, the suite of investment, operational & technology optimizers are provided free of charge. RobustWealth has operations in the Princeton, Denver and the San Francisco Bay Areas.

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